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Onclass discovery program is designed for teens to help them build on passions, gain relevant skills, and explore possibilities of the latest technologies. You get to question the rules, create your map for success, and shape your future.

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A Program for creative thinkers, big dreamers and Change-makers

We think grades shouldn’t be used to measure potential. The typical millionaire received a C+ in college, whereas many uninspired kids receive straight As. We identify and support children with great potential who are simply waiting to unleash their unlimited curiosity.

At Onclass students learn about the things they find significant and meaningful in the world . They gain knowledge through engaging in sessions and projects based on actual problems, which helps them respond to a crucial question: What will you strive for?

The world has evolved. Why hasn't education?

Onclass helps you build the skills you need to succeed like no other education experience through world-class instructors, in-depth curriculum with tactical hands-on learning, and a powerful community.

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How our program works

learn about the fundamentals of the core field in engaging and fun sessions with industry experts and peers.

Get hands-on experience and practice concepts from the student portal in Company Challenges hosted by top firms. We work with experts from Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Goldman Sachs..

We teach HOW to think not WHAT to think. Our leadership workshops for high school students are focused on growing your success toolkits.

Solve real world problems and build projects with experts and peers. Build skills you’ll be using repeatedly during the course of your career.

Connect with inspiring community members who have built great projects, startups and NGOs from the ground up and ask them all your burning questions.

By the end of the program, students will have clear understanding about the career and weather they want to pursue it or not with an explorer certificate.

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By applying you agree to commit to joining all the sessions with a stable internet connection and cameras and microphones turned on.

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September 15th– October 15th

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September 13th